V. 2012 – 2017 Master Plan Current Issues: 14. Perelman Plaza

Updated 12.2.13. Perelman Plaza’s Cohen Garden is under construction. Take a look at the photo below, and check it out in person if you can!
Updated 8.14.13. Take a look below at the updated plans and renderings of Perelman Plaza which show a possible design for the area:
fall leaves tutoring terrace overhead plan

cohen garden seating3 seating 2 seating1

Updated 3.28.13. This summer, construction will begin on Perelman Plaza, an outdoor gathering space located at the center of Drexel’s campus. In addition to serving as a vibrant community hub where students, faculty and staff can eat, socialize, study and meet, Perelman Plaza will connect the future LeBow College of Business Building and Chestnut Square (mixed-use retail/residential development).

The plans and renderings below show a possible design for the area. (Note: the image with the blue arrows and shapes depicts potential sites for storm water retention.)



pp4 pp3


21 thoughts on “V. 2012 – 2017 Master Plan Current Issues: 14. Perelman Plaza”

  1. When will the Korman Center be demolished and the data center within the building moved? The quad is extremely cramped and needs more open green space.

    I suggest constructing a Computer & Information Science building on the Stratton Hall location, which would also house the infrastructure components located in the Korman Center.

  2. The stone benches are not ideal for comfort. I recommend seating with backing. Additionally, the location of the benches will be close to walking traffic, which will discourage people from sitting on them.

    1. Neil, construction of the Tutoring Terrace will not begin in Phase I of the Perelman Plaza construction. The start date for construction will be determined based on renovations for the Chemistry Department in Disque Hall. We are currently conducting a Master Plan study for research and core facilities, which will inform us about these future renovations and in turn, provide us with a greater sense of when construction on the Tutoring Terrace can start.

  3. Has the construction of Perelman Plaza been delayed? I noticed yesterday that after all the demo work, a few walkways have been left in place and grass planted over the entire space.

    1. The construction has not been delayed. The second phase of the Perelman Plaza project is to follow the construction of the Tutoring Terrace which will be built along side Disque Hall. This construction project will disrupt a large portion of the Plaza. A temporary improvement along 32nd street was performed as it will assist in the construction of the terrace.

  4. Will there be more or less grass areas to sit on when the project is finished? We are severally lacking grass to sit on, and based on the pictures, it looks like there will be more hard walking areas than grassy areas.

  5. So the plaza will be finished this spring for phase 1. What is going to happen to the area around Disque? I know they are building the tutoring terrace so this spring one perelman is finished, will the area around the future site for the terrace be blocked off? Also, is the timetable to finish the plaza this spring?

    1. We’re looking forward to a Fall completion for Perelman Plaza. We’re also planning a phased renovation of Disque Hall. Timing of the tutoring terrace is uncertain, and the design teams are working together to develop a cohesive plan for the area that includes all three projects.

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