Current Issues: The Fountain

The fountain is currently decommissioned and contained inside the construction limit lines for the LeBow College of Business Building: 

Although the space is available, fitting out a new pump room is currently not in the contract for the building.  Please give your view whether the quad should be restored with the fountain or without it.


Current Issues: One Drexel Plaza

Updated 10.3.2013. Philadelphia design firm Varenhorst completed an overbuild feasibility study for One Drexel Plaza last summer. Take a look by clicking the link below:

One Drexel Plaza Study

Updated 9.2.2011. The temporary loss of classroom space owing to the construction of the LeBow College of Business Building has combined with Drexel’s recent enrollment growth to put pressure on the stock of general classrooms.  The pressure is being relieved by a temporary suite of eight classrooms and associated study lounges in One Drexel Plaza at 3001 Market Street:

The suite features Dragon Glass, shown here under construction, marking the study lounges.  Study space equivalent to a floor in Hagerty Library will be available in ODP.

Landscape: Armory Perimeter

The Master Plan for Drexel University from 2012 to the Sesquicentennial in 2041, Drexel@150, will propose improvements to the landscape to further the goals of optimizing the use of real estate resources, creating a unique identity for the campus, connecting Drexel to the communities around the campus, and achieving these goals sustainably.  Landscape improvements will be implemented at the important intersections and along the connecting paths of as many planning features as possible, combining street presence with high pedestrian traffic.

Drexel University enjoys a long-term lease agreement with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for use of the Armory Drill Hall, which is heavily scheduled for student open recreation and intramural sports.  Another part of the Armory known as the Triangle is still an active military facility, home to a long-serving unit of the Pennsylvania National Guard.   Therefore perimeter security must meet appropriate standards for
military facilities.  The Armory is nestled in the heart of the campus, spanning from 32nd to 33rd Streets just north of Market Street and flanking Lancaster Walk.  The facility is currently protected on the 32nd and 33rd Street sides by “Jersey curbs:”

The visual experience along 32nd Street
is marred by the curbs protecting the Armory.
The landscape would benefit immeasureably by the replacement of these
barriers with an attractively designed system of perimeter security such as has
been installed around the old Post Office building now housing IRS