That’s A Big Radiator

Air conditioning is coming to Drexel’s Daskalakis Athletic Center. It takes a lot of air to temper a sports arena.  Still on the truck is one of the five 10′ x 15′ sections that make up the east air handler.  Both air handles have now been lifted into place and assembled.  The chiller arrives next week.



Love Your Pad

Two important pads were just poured on the Drexel campus.  The first foundation pad is part of the Korman Center enabling work, providing a temporary entrance on the west side of the building for the time construction takes place on the quad side of the building.  The second pad will receive the chiller for air conditioning the Daskalakis Athletic Center:



Flashback Friday

With the promise of Drexel’s partnership with Brandywine Realty Trust to improve the appearance of Market Street with the development of Schuylkill Yards, let’s remember a grittier time when the Market – Frankford elevated line ran down the center of Market, here at the intersection with 31st Street.  The Bulletin Building, completed in 1953, was not yet built in this image circa 1947. The elevated line came down in 1956:


Chemistry Research Laboratories

One of the projects in the research laboratory plan being implemented at Drexel will provide new facilities for research in synthetic chemistry in the Center for Automation Technology.  Primary infrastructure work is finished, and the walls are being framed.  The project is scheduled for a December completion:


Flash Back Friday

The venerable Armory on Drexel’s campus will soon undergo exterior renovations.  It holds an important position in American military history and in the evolution of the streetcar suburb.  Here are an interior view of troops training in the Drill Hall in 1917, and an exterior view of automobiles and trolley lines along Lancaster Avenue in 1931:

The Dandy First

Armory 9.11.1931