Armory Study

If you’re interested in learning about the recommended repairs and physical restoration process for the Armory, take a look at the link below.

Armory Study


State of the Campus: Fall 2013

If you’re curious about the status of master plan projects, look no further! Below you will find a link to “State of the Campus,” a presentation delivered yesterday by VP of Facilities, Bob Francis. Please note that slides with grey header text represent projects that will carry over from 2012-2017 into the next phase of planning (2014-2019) or begin during the 2014-2019 phase.

State of the Campus

Research Lab and Core Facility Master Plan


Updated 03.03.13: As part of the Research Lab and Core Facility Master Plan, Drexel has asked Payette Associates to conduct a feasibility study in Bossone regarding wet lab fit-outs. The following PDF exhibits the findings for a study performed on Level 5 of Bossone:

Bossone Level 5 Feasibility Study

Updated 10.09.13: As a top research institution, Drexel is looking to expand and renovate its research spaces. The slideshow below is a status report that addresses research and lab space design and planning concepts (especially for 3101 Market Street) that are in the works.

Research Lab and Core Facility Master Plan

Strategic Improvements: Master Plan Color Study

Philadelphia’s Daroff Design recently conducted a color study for Drexel University as part of an on-going effort to transform the campus. The goal, stated on page 3 of the study, is to “reimagine the Drexel campus in light of a collegiate architectural tradition, updating old symbols in favor of a new language that embodies the current University ethos.” To achieve this goal, the study suggests the following strategy, also found on page 3: “develop a more refined color palette that can be utilized throughout the campus which complements both new projects and existing buildings. Consider achievable ways in which to implement the new palette and establish standards for application.”

To see the study, click on the link to the PDF below:

Color Study, Master Plan