The Study at University City

The Study at University City, a 212-room boutique hotel on the Drexel campus, will be opening in January 2017:



Bob & Marlene Buckley

The Buckley name adorns the newly-renovated entrance to Drexel’s Daskalakis Athletic Center.  Bob Buckley, who chaired the Buildings & Properties Committee of the Board of Trustees for twenty years, has given generously to support Athletics over the years, himself a three-sport star as a student-athlete at Drexel:


Autumn at Drexel

You may recall that many of the honey locusts were on the verge of succumbing to aphids this spring, including the stand at 32nd & Cherry.  They were treated in May.  Compare these photographs from November 6th and August 26th.  The color in other species may be muted this fall, but the honey locusts have been spectacular:



Play Ball

Drexel’s athletic fields have not always been at 42nd Street & Powelton Avenue. In 1901, just seven years before the previous World Series victory by the Cubs, the athletic field was across Chestnut Street from the Main Building, where the Chestnut Square residential tower now stands: