Korman Center Cooling Tower

Updated 03.19.14: The replacement of the existing 900-ton Korman Center cooling tower and installation of two new 750-ton cooling towers is Phase I of a multiple phase project to upgrade the chilled water plant serving the Drexel quad, which consists of the Korman Center, Gerri C. LeBow Hall, Disque Hall, and Stratton Hall.  The cooling tower and existing chillers in the Korman Center will be connected to the Papadakis ISB to integrate the systems and allow for backup to the quad if one of the existing chillers is down in either the Korman Center or Papadakis ISB. The project is scheduled for completion this spring.
Take a look at some of the project photos below:
Beginning of construction:
Recent construction photos:
IMG_1375 IMG_1381 IMG_1425 IMG_20140311_132405_422