Spotlight: Rush Building

Did you know that the building which currently houses Drexel’s College of Computing and Informatics–the Rush Building–was once a hospital? The Hospital for the Treatment of Consumption and Related Diseases was built in 1904 and named in honor of Benjamin Rush, a renowned doctor from Philadelphia. (Fun fact: Dr. Rush lived during the 18th century and signed the Declaration of Independence!) In 1961, Drexel purchased the building and it became the home of the Graduate School of Library Science.  Between 1978 and 1981, the Rush Building endured a series of renovations to make the sole use of its space for the library and information science programs. Since the initial renovations, the Rush Building has been renovated inside and out to accommodate the growing and evolving College of Computing and Informatics. Today, the building offers the iCommons computer lab, Drexel University Libraries, the Information Technology Lab and wireless classrooms with A/V technology as facilities for students, staff, faculty and alumni.

Take a look at photos of the Rush Building below:

Rush_Building_-_Drexel_University_-_IMG_7301(Photo source:

Drexel_Rush_Courtyard(Photo source:

For more information on the Rush Building, visit:


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