Strategic Improvement: Lighting on Peck and Main Building

The following report consists initial concepts for facade lighting on the Main and Peck Buildings. Take a look below:

Peck and Main Facade Lighting Mockup Report


4 thoughts on “Strategic Improvement: Lighting on Peck and Main Building”

  1. When are we going to increase aesthetic greenery of the campus? Also, trees in tubs? It is not quite pleasing as trees rooted to the ground. I like the set up along the 34th street between chestnut and lancaster. why can’t we do more of that along market street, chestnut street and along 33rd street.

  2. Before lighting the facade, clean it. The main building could use a cleaning/restoration on the masonry. I’m concerned with the light pollution. Philadelphia is already bright enough, i don’t need led uplights shining into my bedroom every night. This is a waste of money. If any facade lighting is done, do it on the amazing main entrance to the main building where it is darker and is really needed.
    The peck building already has facade lighting. It would be smart to upgrade the in-grade lighting.

  3. Looks like some nice improvements. However, instead of the flood lights to beam up, how about something set into the sidewalk? For bonus points, how about something with a color cycling LED?
    Alternatively, copy the Rush Building. That exterior lighting was a huge improvement.

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