V. 2012 – 2017 Master Plan Current Issues: 13. Nesbitt Hall Renovations

Updated 2.14.14. On February 6th, a newly renovated Nesbitt Hall opened its doors to the School of Public Health. Take a look at the following links for more information and photos!

Drexel School of Public Health Opens Own Building

Drexel School of Public Health Photos

Updated 10.7.13. Have you ever envisioned Nesbitt Hall with a different facade? That is exactly what architects at Mills + Schnoering did in the following PDF. Take a look below:

Nesbitt Hall

Updated 8.8.13. Construction is underway on Nesbitt Hall’s interior. Walls on upper floors are beginning to be studded out. Compare the photos below to those from the previous entry (March):

IMG_7115 IMG_7116 IMG_7117 IMG_7118 IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7124

Updated 3.20.13. Floors three through seven of Nesbitt Hall are in the process of being dismantled prior to the construction that will transform the building into a new home for Drexel’s School of Public Health. While the aforementioned floors undergo renovations, Nesbitt Hall’s first two floors will remain open to serve as swing space.

From the photos below, you can see that certain floors are further along in the dismantling process (the higher floors are worked on first to keep noise on the lower floors to a minimum). Additionally, please note that the words “out” and “demo” on some of the walls signify future demolition.

IMG_6207 IMG_6209 IMG_6213 IMG_6214 IMG_6215 IMG_6216


2 thoughts on “V. 2012 – 2017 Master Plan Current Issues: 13. Nesbitt Hall Renovations”

  1. Wow, those are all hideously ugly. No offense to the architects at Mills + Schnoering but, just no. The wavy one looks like giant slices of bacon draped over the existing windows.

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