V. 2012 – 2017 Master Plan Current Issues: 10. Drexel Central

Updated 7.18.13. On Monday, Drexel Central opened its doors in the Main Building. Now students and their families have a one-stop venue for questions and issues related to registration, financial aid and billing. Take a look at photos of the new space below:

IMG_6973 IMG_6974 IMG_6975 IMG_6977 IMG_6979 IMG_6981 IMG_6986

Updated 3.25.13. This January, Drexel began construction in the Main Building on Drexel Central, a one-stop venue for students and their families to handle questions and issues related to registration, financial aid and billing.

To provide exceptional service to students and their families, Drexel has created an action-focused list of objectives for Drexel Central:


Below is a first-floor plan which suggests what Drexel Central might look like when the renovations to the Main Building have been completed:

Drexel Furniture Plan[1]-2

Based on the plan above, how might people move through Drexel Central? Take a look at the idea below:


The following image is a conceptual depiction of a corner within Drexel Central (for spatial orientation, check out the key plan below the site simulation). Though this image simply represents a possibility, it demonstrates the exciting direction in which Drexel Central is headed!

lobbyview key planThe photos below show the future Drexel Central space as it is. Soon, it will be transformed into a single, comprehensive office for matters of billing, financial aid and registration.

IMG_6261 IMG_6264


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