V. 2012 – 2017 Master Plan Current Issues: 6. Drexel Innovation Neighborhood

Updated 4.8.13. The preliminary tree diagram below shows a very green Innovation Neighborhood (and surrounding campus!). A multitude of new trees will not only provide pedestrians respite from the sun’s rays, but will also enliven the city streets.

tree diagram

Updated 3.12.13. The aerial map below contains future development sites within Drexel’s Innovation Neighborhood (shown as red diamonds). The Innovation Neighborhood will be home to a variety of building uses, including, but not limited to, retail, academic and residential, and will connect Center City and University City.
30th Street Aerial

While the site drawings below are merely conceptual, they offer a terrific opportunity to see how the Drexel Innovation Neighborhood might appear after development. We are in the process of making the drawings more representational, but in the meantime, take a look:

30thatJFK_draft132027_sm JFKatMarket_draft130227_sm MarketSat31st_draft132027_sm


6 thoughts on “V. 2012 – 2017 Master Plan Current Issues: 6. Drexel Innovation Neighborhood”

  1. If this actually occurs, this will be a tremendous boast to not only Drexel, but for the entire Philadelphia Region. Wow!

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