V. 2012-2017 Master Plan Current Issues: 4. The Superblock

The term “Superblock” is used to describe the contiguous real estate Drexel University owns between 30th Street Station to the east, the north-south portion of JFK Boulevard to the west, Market Street to the south, and the rail yards to the north.  In a broader context, the planning area also includes the site of the old Abbott’s Dairy bounded by 30th, 31st, Chestnut, and Ludlow Streets.

Had the original rhythm of the City Plan extended west, the sixth major public square in Philadelphia would have been developed at 30th & Market Streets:

Drexel is turning its attention to the future character of the Innovation Gateway,  examining specifically the role the Bulletin Building is to play in the future.  The vision for the development is a mixed-use commercial, residential, and retail district both enhancing public transportation and driving innovation west of the Schuylkill:

The Old Post Office and 30th Street Station create the monumental context for developing a great public space.  The south-east quadrant of the superblock, featuring the Bulletin Building and its forecourt, begin to define the planning challenge associated with creating a great public space, functioning as an innovation gateway to Drexel and University City, fulfilling the promise of a mixed-use neighborhood:

The key to unlocking the potential of the superblock is defining the proper role for the Bulletin Building.


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