V. 2012-2017 Master Plan Current Issues: 3. Stratton Hall

Updated 11.20.2013. Take a look below at some photos of the new and improved Stratton Hall!

20131120_081700[1][1] 20131120_081751[2][1]

Updated 7.30.13. Some of Stratton Hall’s newly renovated second floor spaces are occupied. Take a look below:

IMG_6994 IMG_6995 IMG_6996 IMG_6999 IMG_7002 IMG_7003

Updated 5.24.13. Phase I renovations to the Stratton Hall lobby are coming along beautifully. Take a look at the photo below:


Updated 5.6.13. Stratton Hall is moving towards the completion of its Phase I renovation and is also in the midst of its Phase II renovation. In the Phase I project area, new windows have been installed, drywall has been mounted, walls are being painted a golden yellow and drop ceiling tiles are being positioned. Additionally, new air handling units are being installed on the roof. Take a look at the photographs of the progress:


The inner corridor of the Phase I area houses interview rooms, while offices line the perimeter of the space:


Phase II renovations look similar to the Phase I renovations from six weeks ago:


New windows have been installed, making for bright office spaces:


Some southern-facing offices offer a view of Chestnut Square:


The space below is a future computer lab. Compare this photo to the one of the lab from the March 14th update to see the progress!


New air handling units will improve the HVAC system:

IMG_6753 IMG_6752

Updated 3.14.13. Stratton Hall is now deep into its Phase I renovation, part of which includes converting former lab spaces into various rooms for the Psychology Department (e.g. research rooms, a computer lab, etc). The plumbing, electric, heating and ventilation have been roughed in and the new windows should arrive in a couple of weeks. The completion of Phase I is estimated to occur during the 2013 spring season. Below are several photographs of the progress:


Former laboratory walls have been kept for the future spaces:


Studs will soon be covered with drywall:

The room below will soon be transformed into a computer lab:


Over the next few months, be on the lookout for Stratton Hall’s new windows!


Updated 5.16.2012. The following photograph of the second floor corridor in Stratton Hall may not look like anything special, but that is because it is not placed in contrast to an image of the appearance of the floor for the last forty years:

At the beginning of winter term 2012, half of the Psychology Department moved into Stratton Hall, vacated by the Biology Department last fall when Biology moved to the Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building.  Olaya Architects is preparing plans for renovations leading to full consolidation of the Psychology Department next year.

The exterior of Stratton Hall, vintage orange brick, may never have looked better than today:

The University has retained Mills + Schnoering Architects to develop alternatives for altering the exterior so the appearance is more in keeping with Drexel’s new architectural vocabulary.


4 thoughts on “V. 2012-2017 Master Plan Current Issues: 3. Stratton Hall”

  1. What exactly is the extent of the work/renovations being done to Stratton Hall (both interior and exterior) in the immediate future? With the new LeBow building across the quad and Chestnut Square across the street, I would like to the building “blend” into its future surroundings. Otherwise, it could become a divider and distraction between two incredible buildings. Also, would any exterior renovations be accompanied by exterior renovations to Disque?

  2. I feel that Stratton Hall has tremendous potential for future developments in the academic section of our campus. The western side of the building can be brought to the street simply by adding a landscaped outdoor patio between chestnut street sidewalk and the building. This raised area would give students a place to study or eat. Weather permitting, students will be able to take their food from Season in PISB and the new eateries that will be part of Chestnut Square and have a convenient place to eat outdoors. There could also be an entrance added directly from this patio or terrace into the building.
    However there is an opportunity available of a larger scale. The western end of the building (closest to Main) is only two stories high where the rest of the building is four stories. The roof of the smaller section may be able to support a modern, glass structure (similar to the proposed Tutoring Terrace). This structure could be one or even two stories (maybe even more) and still be able to connect to the third and fourth floors of Stratton, the wide stairwell of Stratton, and even the multi-story skywalk (which is currently underused and could use a renovation itself) allowing to access to Disque. The structure could be used for a multitude of things. One that stands out is something similar to the Library Learning Terrace located underneath Race Street residence hall. This would create much needed study space during the day for students when they are between classes. Also, the open layout and moveable furniture could make this space suitable for various types of functions such as small banquets, large meetings, etc. If it were multistory, the possibilities are endless. This seems a logical place to consider for future development. It could help get more students to move through the currently seldom used hallways of Stratton.

    Who knows, maybe something is already in the works?

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