IV. 2012 – 2017 Master Plan: 6. Initiatives – u. North Campus Mall


North Campus Mall






7 thoughts on “IV. 2012 – 2017 Master Plan: 6. Initiatives – u. North Campus Mall”

  1. Why not try to acquire some of the row home apartments along arch (the most eastward ones) to provide a great, seamless walk from powelton all the way to lancaster walk?

  2. The homes along Arch Street are Architecturally important and historically certified. I would strongly oppose any plan that would include the demolition of those buildings.

    While there’s great value in having green and open space on the North Campus Mall, I don’t think the best use of this space is as a main pedestrian corridor through campus. Currently most of the buildings in this area effectively front on the Mall (Mellenium, Kelly and Myers), depriving 33rd and 34th Streets of foot traffic and activity.

      1. True, but at the moment the space really isn’t much designed for any purpose and certainly isn’t a pedestrian corridor for more than a forlorn 1/2 block between Powelton and Race. My main point relates to preserving the houses on Arch. I think Drexel would be better served by considering using this area for social gatherings, or informal recreation. “Back yards” for the dormitories, where the impact of noise and activity on the rest of the community would be minimal. Perhaps there could be some quiet(er) “rooms” in the landscape plan that would be conducive to outdoor study.

  3. The houses on Arch Street are all on the local historic register, precluding their demolition. Besides, I thought the point of this new plan was to celebrate the urban environment rather than ignore it? The homes are architecturally gems, but could benefit from sensitive restoration work, better landscaping, and sidewalk improvements. Drexel already owns many of the Arch Street properties, but has done little to enhance their outward appearance. The backs of the Arch Street homes could be something special (similar to the back of Sansom row) benefitting the entire campus. Instead it is a parking lot doing little to enhance Lanster Walk. The opportunities are endless to improve what is already there.

    1. Well said. The houses on Arch are nice examples of the Queen Anne style. One of the central purposes of the plan is to celebrate the urban environment. Doing so does not have to happen to the exclusion of a series of outdoor rooms cascading from north to south from Powelton to Arch.

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