Current Issues: The Fountain

The fountain is currently decommissioned and contained inside the construction limit lines for the LeBow College of Business Building: 

Although the space is available, fitting out a new pump room is currently not in the contract for the building.  Please give your view whether the quad should be restored with the fountain or without it.


18 thoughts on “Current Issues: The Fountain”

  1. Keep the fountain. When on in the warmer months its sound nicely covers the sound of traffic on Market and Chestnut creating an environment when balanced by the tree and step-seats where students can forget for a few minutes that they are on a stuffy urban campus. Also, the lights activate the space during the winter months. Also the fountain seems to create a micro climate cooler than the rest of the central campus during the middle of summer.

  2. The fountain didn’t do much for me, personally. It was more an obstacle to go around than an attraction to draw folks me in or an aesthetic to please their eyes. I think there are better uses for that money on Drexel’s campus. (And I’m not just referring to DSH 😉

  3. Cody, it is important to consider the cost of covering the fountain over – it may not be as simple as dropping some pavers in place. It would also be nice to understand the cost of fitting out a pump room at this point in the project, as well as whether the anticipated maintenance costs have been in line with the actual maintenance costs to date. Personally, I’d hate to see all of that engraved granite and plumbing go to waste, particularly if the cost of fitting out a pump room is insignificant.

  4. KEEP IT!! The fountain adds a nice touch to campus as do the tranquil lights in 32nd Street Park by the Main Building. The sound of the water is very serene and relaxing. The lights add visual appeal. They’re aesthetic features that give the campus character. It’s all in the details.

    The fountain is a very exaggerated element of campus and fitting for a corporate-style building where you would expect things to be exuberant. It’s over the top and it’s that one detail in the environment that stands out and makes you think “Wow! That’s really awesome!” Like the LED screen at the Comcast Center lobby or the lighting package on the Cira Center.

  5. I can’t believe that removing the fountain is even under consideration. I think it has a been a great addition to the quad, and, if anything, there should be more features like this added to the campus.

  6. PLEASE KEEP THE FOUNTAIN. The day when I am able to see it functioning again is one of the only things I look forward to in life.

  7. Yes, the school is technologically advanced enough to have working fountains. We have an Engineering school. What is the problem? Too challenging? Come on folks.

  8. Those of you who are disappointed with fountain being gone, I would like to let you know that since the beginning of the school year, I’m in negotiations with President Fry and the facilities department with having them build a replacement fountain, just in a different spot. Drexel is 74 acres, so there’s got to be at least one spot on campus suitable for it.

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