2012 – 2017 Master Plan Current Issues: 2. LeBow College of Business Updated 9.20.2013

Updated September 20, 2013. The installation of the LeBow College of Business building’s green roof is nearing completion. Take a look:

IMG_7188 IMG_7186IMG_7184 IMG_7183

Updated September 6, 2013. Construction on the LeBow College of Business building carries on as the university nears the start of the Fall 2013 quarter.

Take a look below for different views of the grand hall and atrium, which have been warmed by wood detailing and red accent walls:

IMG_7150 IMG_7151 IMG_7169

IMG_7148 IMG_7158 IMG_7166

An Executive MBA classroom boasts stately woodwork:

IMG_7159 IMG_7161
This computer lab benefits from a great deal of natural light:

A classroom in the building’s basement can accommodate up to 300 people:

IMG_7171 IMG_7173

Landscaping on the green roof has started:


Updated May 30, 2013. The construction of the LeBow College of Business building is coming along nicely as it approaches its grand opening this fall.

Future offices on upper-level floors are being fitted out with lateral beams:


On lower-level floors, newly installed sheetrock provides a greater sense of what the corridors and office spaces will feel like when the building opens:


Once the scaffolding is removed, the atrium will be filled with natural light:


The building’s terrace offers a wonderful, birds-eye view of the heart of Drexel’s campus (the future Perelman Plaza):


For those who prefer a city view, the terrace also boasts a remarkable skyline vista:


Upon completion, the white ground surface below will transform into a green roof abundant with various flora:

IMG_6888 IMG_6890

The light-filled room below will be an office when the LeBow project is completed:


The image below depicts a future classroom capable of seating 60 students:


Limestone will cover the walls of the building’s east-facing lobby:


The atrium is currently filled with scaffolding:


This basement classroom featured below can accommodate 300 students:


A stunning view of the west facade:


Updated April 25, 2013. As we move towards the LeBow College of Business building’s scheduled Fall 2013 opening, construction progresses beautifully. Take a look at the building’s exterior below:



IMG_6458 IMG_6461

Updated March 21, 2013. More railings have been installed on the beautifully-designed grand LeBow staircase. Take a look at the photos below:

LEBOWstaircase LEBOWstairs2

Updated March 11, 2013

LeBow’s sleek facade (south side of building):


Green is good! When construction is complete, LeBow will feature a green roof:


A view into the atrium:


LeBow will be home to a ground-level Starbucks:


View of atrium ceiling and terrace from the future green roof:


Updated October 22, 2012: A magnificent aerial view just taken in October, followed by arresting progress photographs of the atrium:

Updated September 5, 2012:  Steel is topped out:

Updated August 1, 2012:  The volume of the atrium emerges in this image looking north-east:

Looking west, the fifth-floor conference room projects into the atrium:

Looking south-west, the clips for suspending the monumental staircase are visible in the center of the image:

With each passing day, the extent to which the mass dominates this key location becomes more apparent.

Updated April 23, 2012:  The tower crane stands 240′ tall over the site:

The crane will be on-site until mid-November.

Updated March 6, 2012:  Samples of the limestone exterior of the LCoB are held up against the PISB for comparison and contrast:

The exterior will be comprised of a random mixture of stone panels with subtle differences in appearance

Updated August 26,2011:  Good fences make good neighbors…


6 thoughts on “2012 – 2017 Master Plan Current Issues: 2. LeBow College of Business Updated 9.20.2013”

  1. I know that the renderings show a skybridge connecting this building to the Pearlstein building. However, after looking at the current progress, it does not look like this is the case. Has this been removed from the plan?

  2. On the map, it says to protect existing fountain, and on the updated campus map with the new building, the fountain is on the map there as well, and on the pictures of the new building, the fountain is seen, but despite all that, I know that it won’t be back because the pipes were in Matheson Hall. Was this all before you found out that the pipes were in Matheson Hall?

    1. The issue of water features in this area has been under consideration for awhile; however, Drexel now has two times more foot traffic than when the fountain was originally installed. The removal of the fountain is to accommodate the movement of pedestrians through the area.

      1. It’s no big deal to me because I’m actually trying to get Drexel to install another one, just like it. It will just be in a different location. I’m thinking of having it somewhere on the space outside the recreation center, or also, since you’re redoing Perelman Plaza, a fountain could be installed there as well.
        I’m even making a facebook group regarding this matter. Feel free to join.

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