Buildings: LeBow College of Business

The Master Plan for Drexel University from 2012 to the Sesquicentennial in 2041, Drexel@150, will focus on existing buildings and development sites to further four goals: optimize the use of real estate resources, create a unique identity for the campus, connect Drexel to the communities around the campus, and achieve these goals sustainably. 

The 2007 Master Plan featured eleven specific projects, of which one, originally titled “Matheson Hall Relacement” and now termed the LeBow College of Business Building, is out for competitive bid.  Located on Market Street at the origin of historic Woodland Walk, the building replaces 60’s vintage Matheson Hall:

Matheson Hall

With its facade of orange brick, Matheson presents an image no longer consistent with Drexel’s stature as a nationally-ranked, comprehensive research university.  A study demonstrated that preserving the structure though renovation was not economically viable.  The new 177,500 square-foot structure is designed by a joint venture between Philadelphia architects Voith Mactavish Associates and New York’s Robert A. M. Stern Associates:

View of the LeBow College of Business Building from Market Street & JFK Boulevard

The office tower rises to the twelfth story above a five-story atrium surrounded by classrooms, event spaces, and student engagement space.  The building is scheduled to open in March 2014.

Matheson Hall in on the left in this image captured in 1968:


2 thoughts on “Buildings: LeBow College of Business”

  1. Does the planning team intend to have any retail at street level here?

    The image is great and helps connect the glass facades of Bossone and Pearlstein. Also, I really appreciate the image from the Archives! Is that the statue of AJD where the Pearlstein building is today?

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